"Doré Gold delivered at below world market prices"


To ensuring safety and security for both buyers and sellers, INPIN AFRICA operates an authorized and regulated dealer office located in the NHC House minerals market building at the heart of Dar es Salaam.

INPIN is dedicated to upholding and enhancing its reputation and market presence. Our professionalism sets us apart, reflecting in the excellence of both our product and service.

Prospective buyers are invited to personally inspect a sample at our offices. For those preferring delivery, we can arrange for the transportation of INPIN's one-kilogram Doré Gold Bars to the international airport in the buyer's country.

While the terminology may differ, for INPIN, Doré Gold refers to partially refined gold presented in the form of one-kilogram bars, typically containing 97% to 98% gold. The remaining percentage refers to impurities which consist of other metals such as mostly silver, and copper, iron and zinc.

Clients may then send their purchase to a refinery for further processing, which may be registered with the LBMA, and which will remove the impurities and thus raising the gold content to, say, 99.5% to 99.99% purity or fineness, the highest purity being 24 Karat.  Uses of gold includes creating aerospace, coins, computers, decoration, dentistry, electronics, investment, jewelry, ornaments, reserves and there are many more applications.  Furthermore, gold is environmentally friendly because it can be reused, recycled, many times over.

Gold has been of value for thousands of years for good reason and, over this time, has increased in value so it is a great investment, hedging against money depreciation and reducing risk within a portfolio of investments.  Gold is not exclusively acquired by companies and governments; individuals also opt to purchase it in various forms such as bars or coins. They do so to meet specific future financial obligations, like private school fees, inclusion in a pension investment portfolio, or funding a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Whether it's for a significant anniversary or celebration in the future, gold serves as a reliable means to ensure that funds are readily available. Regardless of the purpose, the historical track record of gold as a safe investment provides assurance that your money is secure.

Gold is scarce and, consequently, commands a high price, with the current market value of a one-kilogram doré gold bar standing at approximately USD60,000, and refined gold fetching even more. Nevertheless, more cost-effective alternatives exist, such as acquiring gold coins from a reputable trader. Leveraging our capacity to supply doré gold bars in high volumes, INPIN holds a distinctive position, enabling us to provide highly competitive pricing and attractive volume discounts.

One notable challenge within this industry, where over USD3B annually is exported from Tanzania alone, revolves around scams and counterfeit gold. Unfortunately, when engaging in transactions involving doré gold, this poses a significant hurdle that hinders legitimate business interactions between buyers and sellers. This dilemma often creates a Catch-22 situation where the buyer seeks to receive the gold before making payment, while the seller is reluctant to release the gold until payment is received. While financial products could potentially mitigate risks, instil confidence, and facilitate deals under certain circumstances, their usage is less prevalent than one might assume when dealing with commodities, for a variety of reasons.

At INPIN, we welcome buyers to visit our offices for the inspection of a gold sample. Upon satisfaction, they can proceed with payment and take possession of the gold. It's important to note that we do not store any gold, cash, or valuables at our offices. We maintain secure sites with a high level of security measures in place. For buyers opting for delivery, arrangements can be made for the INPIN doré gold bars to be delivered to the airport in the buyer's country.

Certainly, establishing trust between the buyer and the seller is crucial. This can be accomplished through various means, such as face-to-face meetings and consistent communication right from the outset. INPIN is not here today and gone tomorrow, our head office is a large building with grounds adjacent to the U.S. Embassy and we are a stone’s throw from the Oysterbay Police Station. Additionally, we maintain an office in central London. Above all, INPIN is dedicated to upholding and enhancing our reputation and longevity in the marketplace. Our professionalism and distinctive approach set us apart from others, ensuring the delivery of exceptional products and services.

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